Friday, July 8, 2011

Peeling Ginger root

Am I over-tired or is this picture slightly phallic? Or both?

ANYWAYS... It occurred to me that not everyone may be familiar with how to handle fresh ginger root.  Ginger root boasts anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities. It is also known to aid in digestion, soothe upset stomachs, relieve menstrual cramps and improve circulation amongst other medicinal qualities.  So, now that you & ginger are slightly acquainted you should feel more comfortable peelings its skin off and exposing some flesh[what is going on here???]. With the edge of a teaspoon or the "blade" of a butter knife gently scrape off the thin skin. And thats it! Now you're good to go!

If you end up peeling more ginger than needed for a recipe, don't throw it out! Infuse it.  You can make a simple ginger tea by simmering a small piece or two of fresh ginger root in water for about 8 minutes, but you can make it stronger if you desire. Sweeten it with honey and if you're stummy isn't aching, top it with some whipped cream and a dash of cinnamon. yummmm.  I learned that recipe from my dearest Monica when we were living together back on Guilden Street.  As of last summer she prided herself on barely being able to grill a burger, but I'm not fooled.  She knows how to cook rice AND I've seen her make platanos. Everyone has their own culinary strengths, some just haven't discovered them yet.

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