Thursday, November 3, 2011


Kam bought me a couple of bags of Littlenecks this week, which means there will be a recipe for steamed clams and a recipe for baked clams in the near future.  Having shared that, I figured it was only fair to give a couple of clam-shopping pointers.

  1. You want the clams to be alive; if the shell is slightly opened you can either squeeze it shut and then release pressure- if the clam remains closed it is still alive, if the clam opens right back up toss it. You may also lightly tap the slightly open clam on a hard surface and wait to see if it closes back up on its own; once again, if it doesn't, TOSS iT.
  2. The clams should not smell!
  3. You don't want clams with cracked or broken shells- they're likely to be dead.
  4. Take a good look at the edges of the shells; a smooth perimeter guarantees less sand, debris and shell fragments than a clam with more rugged edges. 
Its preferable to note the difference prior to purchasing and/or cooking the clams. 

    6.  Do not keep the clams in a closed plastic bag; they will suffocate & die.
    7.  If you are not using them immediately, be sure to keep them cold and store them in a bowl, on ice,    in the fridge.

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