Thursday, August 11, 2011

No excuses.

I have been slacking. I know.  I said I would be posting more pictures once I got a better camera and now I have a new camera and there have been no posts! In the interest of full disclosure I will admit that I have been too lazy to load the new software for my camera onto my computer.  However, some delicious morsels that you will be seeing in the near future are ...
  • quick cole slaw
  • my spin on the "wedge salad", a steak house staple
  • the Jughead burger
  • oven-roasted papas with bacon confetti & garlic
along with some tea-party twists [premiering this Saturday at Casey's Bridal Shower]:
  • Green eggs & ham
  • Hungarian "pickled" cucumber tea sandwiches
  • Bacon-Avocado-Tomato tea sandwiches
  • Spinach & Cheese phyllo cups
  • Bruschetta crostini
I have been taking pictures along the way with all of these recipes, so once they are uploaded there will be a flurry of activity, I promise!

Thanks for keeping tabs on me in the meantime and keep on cookin! :o)

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