Saturday, July 2, 2011

ice breakers

I always dreaded the mandatory introductions and "about me"activities on the first day of school or summer camp, and to this day I still find them loathsome but I guess they serve a purpose.

On that note, Welcome to my blog!  I have been talking about creating a food-focused blog for well over a year now and I am finally taking action.  I promise to try my best to keep my followers educated and entertained, as well as provide tasty recipes and maybe some handy tips.  The beginning might be a little rough, some posts are bound to ramble on longer than others, and most of the preliminary photos will be from my cell phone until I can afford to purchase a moderately fancy camera.

I would like to issue a preemptive thank you to my supportive family and friends, and whatever stragglers I may pick up along the way, for following my blog.  Constructive feedback on any posts, especially recipes,  is strongly encouraged!



  1. I hear you make a great chocolate cake. ;)

  2. Couldn't wait to try the recipee. Raided the pantry, NO HONEY!!!!!!.So i decide to try it with pure vermont maple syrup. Came out great. Next day, rushed to the store with my daughters chidhood fried Sloane, got yhtr honey, the two of us were in my kitchen , making the marinade with the honey. Chicken came out great again. The honey gave the chicken a purer , crisper flavor , the maple syrup gave the chicken a more complex flavor. Squeezing some fresh lime juice complemente the chipolte in the marinade. Anyway you look at it , possibilities are endless with this chicken recipee