Tuesday, July 19, 2011

AAAARGH, mateys

I sampled Kraken rum for the first time yesterday...

and I will tell you- it went down like a beauty; I had to study so I couldn't unleash the beast. This rum is as smooth as it is potent.  Don't let the "extra-dark" intimidate you, this rum is not harsh and mixes beautifully.  I had it over ice with a little Gus Dry Soda... looks like I have found my new favorite cocktail for the summer! If you happen upon this rum, definitely pick it up.  It was only $18.99 at an over-priced liquor store, so chances are you may be able to score it for less! I love the bottle & label design as well.  As soon as this bottle is empty I'm funneling some canola oil into it and it will be sitting pretty on my kitchen counter for easy access when I'm cooking. 


  1. Yum! Totally stealing your idea of refusing liquor bottles ;)

  2. Scratch that, reUSING* Nobody in this familia refuses liquor

  3. I've actually had this rum and its def not my fav. I know you're used to me disagreeing with you so this should be no surprise haha. I just don't dig the flavor profile but that's just me.